Code of Conduct

Long term as appose to flash in the pan - Sustainability

We know a responsible and sustainable business model is crucial to the long term success of scc. We are a healthy and strong company and we wish to stay that way. As a company we pursue sustainable developments that combine economic, environmental and social interests. With the rapid development of the IT industry, we face long-term perspectives and decisions that help us preserve our responsibility towards society, the environment and our employees.

Fair Play - Everybody’s responsibilities, our impact on the world

Human Rights: We are fully committed to the observance of all internationally recognised human rights. We reject child labour and abhor all forms of human exploitation.
Competition: We recognise the need for fair competition. Therefore, we adhere to and comply with all the applicable legal provisions contained within existing anti-corruption, antitrust and competition laws.

Employee - People are centric to our success

We believe a company’s success is just a reflection of the combined successes enjoyed by all of its employees. Therefore, we take special care to ensure our employees feel valued and right at home. Mutual respect and openness are part of our corporate culture. We encourage and deliver a positive work environment and engage in active health and accident prevention management.  We provide security against all forms of discrimination in compliance with all local laws. We drive personal development of professional skills by investing in ongoing training.

Security - We relish in your confidence

We understand that a relationship of trust is built upon the preservation of trade secrets and confidential information. We appreciate the damage both to our customers and our business, reputational or competitive, any unauthorised disclosure of confided information can have. With this in mind we undertake to preserve the confidence shown in us by preventing unauthorised disclosure to third parties and by paramountly ensuring our compliance with data protection laws.