Equipped with a seed capital of pioneer spirit, know-how and enthusiasm, a group of innovative IT experts founded the scc in 1997.  “Solution Centered Consulting” is not merely a name, but the embodiment of the corporate philosophy. The unconditional orientation towards solutions and customer focus is evident in all areas of business. The original founders still form an integral part of the scc success story.  The company’s growth on today's more than 230 consultants group-wide was never self-purpose, but the result of the need for continual development. This success is seen as the sum of the performance of our employees. 

In 1999 the company HR Force was founded to form an integral part of the scc network. It is currently the market leader in the area of SAP ERP HCM (Human Capital Management) consulting in Austria. A further milestone has been the formation of the subsidiary company CrossIT, combining the areas of system management solutions, IT infrastructure and SAP basic services.  All from a single source - the specific portfolios together result in the complete spectrum of the corporate group.

The scc group is currently the leading SAP consultant firm in Austria.  With locations in Vienna, Graz and Linz as well as a branch in Romania, we assist our customers with rollouts of IT projects throughout the world.