Corporate Planning

Modern businesses use structured, integrated planning solutions as an integral part of business processes steering. As of course, the requirements of different areas, such as sales, controlling, HCM and financials, are modeled in plan sections and then integrated into the overall corporate planning.

The tools of SAP offer a fully integrated solution, both technically and contextually, by involving all relevant systems. The planning applications are able to be customized to each company's specific needs in order to meet the requirements of the contextual specifications and circumstances of the planning process. This type of system-based planning not only enables an efficient implementation and supervision of corporate planning, it offers a clear version concept and provides the possibility of analysis and reporting. Plan sections (i.e. overhead-cost budgeting, sales planning, investment planning, personnel expenses planning, etc.) can be implemented over a different project phases and be modularly incorporated into an overall P&L plan, balancing plan and financial plan of the business.

In order to support scc customers in the conceptual and implementation planning phases, there are a number of best-practice solutions offered.


  • Rapid implementation
  • scc best-practice approach for simplified implementation
  • Acceleration of the planning process 
  • Shortened lead time for setting up a business plan
  • Heightened transparency of the progress and history of planning
  • Integrated planning and reporting system
  • No additional interfaces
  • Modular expandability
  • Flexibility when facing new demands

Clemens Stadler

Line of Business Manager
Corporate Planning