"Value enhancement through appreciation" – with this guiding principle CrossIT supervises customers of all sizes.  Through individualised consulting as applied to SAP base-projects and continuing SAP operational support, certified for ISAE 3402, CrossIT has established itself in the past years and gained excellence through its work with many renowned customers. In collaboration with our clients, we develop specific requirements and delivers suitable individualised solutions.  As a part of the scc group, CrossIT is able to cover SAP base-technology topics as well as incorporate application consulting support in SAP projects.

Essential SAP operational support begins with a simple out-tasking, in order to remove content or timetable bottlenecks for our customers, and extends from remote management to an SAP-outsourcing.  Through our innovative lead, our customers are ensured viable solutions for the future and an optimal investment security.  We involve ourselves with the technology of the future in order to provide our customers with up-to-date solutions in an ongoing collaboration combining trust and competence.

Hubert Deutsch

Managing Director XIT

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