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Making a difference together:
Working at scc

When we say “a great way to work”, that’s what we mean. We do whatever we can to help our team members develop their strengths. What is good for our colleagues is also good for our customers.

Our great way to work

A career that takes you places


Change is part of productive work. We give you the freedom to find your own way, create new things and grow alongside us.

Find your
own great way

You choose how to work, whether in the office or at home. Meetings, Task Manager, Teams or carrier pigeon? Use methods and tools that help you work flexibly and efficiently.

Be a mover
and a shaker

You have the chance to make a difference. We want personalities that help shape decisions. We trust in your skills.

Join a
real team

One person alone might run fast for a short time, but we get much farther as a team. With us, you can always depend on your colleagues to have your back, not just when things get dicey.
scc Office in Graz

Get more
from your job

Anyone working at scc takes home more than a monthly salary. We maintain a very open, respectful work culture, and we always want the overall package to be right.
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So you can work the way you are most productive, you can flexibly structure your work time, using a remote or hybrid model – whatever is the best fit for you.
Ein Performance-Künstler im öffentlichen Raum.
Trust is good. Period. You make the decisions within your field, we keep your back clear. Choices that must be made jointly are handled via short decision paths.
Ein Performance-Künstler im öffentlichen Raum.
We never stop learning. And we want you to have as many opportunities as possible to develop new skills or to specialize further.
Ein Performance-Künstler im öffentlichen Raum.
scc awards
Our awards are our way of rewarding the extraordinary performance of our team – with special experiences – from parachuting to heli-skiing.
Ein Performance-Künstler im öffentlichen Raum.
Self care
Do something good for yourself. We’ll help you out. With your gym membership, for example. Or we can get you additional accident insurance, the possibilities are endless.
Ein Performance-Künstler im öffentlichen Raum.
High standards
And last, but not least: We have high standards. That’s why a modern office, good public transport connections and good coffee – but also remote work and much more besides – are a given with us.