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scc is one of the leading SAP service providers in Austria. We owe this accomplishment to our almost 300 employees, who make scc a great place to work. They help us and, above all, our customers keep moving forward every day with their expert knowledge, their wealth of ideas and their passion.

Our team

Jakob Staudinger
Consultant SAP Finance
It's a people
Oliver Ortner
Solution Architecture

People who move us.

„We actively work with our customers to understand their requirements. This is essential for us, because it is on this basis that we develop ideal customer solutions.”
Jakob Schwarzmann
Consultant SAP Finance
„We will always accompany our customers, no matter how difficult or complex the task. This is an scc principle for me.“
Gerhard Robausch
LoB Logistics Services
„If creative freedom is important to you, scc is the perfect employer. Good cooperation within the team and with our customers is particularly important to me.“
Jessica Lajki
Project Management Office
Dietmar Teissl, COO:
“Our main focus absolutely lies on people as the key factor.”
It is people who make digitalization possible, eliminate gaps and build sociological bridges – including with the aid of innovative technologies. People are the central element of change and therefore of stabilization as well. The expertise of scc, specifically the know-how and skills of our colleagues, are not just our capital but also our trademark.
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"We hire people who fit in well to our culture. We recognise their potential and support them in their development. We do everything we can to create a friendly environment and to be a stable, long-term companion."
Tobias Kreiter
LoB Manager Supply Chain Management
Katharina Müller
Financial Consultant

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