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Requirements for modern customer relationship management systems and why the SAP Sales Cloud is a true pioneer

18. 03. 2024
#CRM System
#Customer Relationship Management
#Customer Relationship Management System
#Requirements for a CRM
#Requirements for a Customer Relationship Management System
"Content is king", as they say in marketing. We say: content is king, but contact is god. After all, no company can survive without the right contacts and potential customers. The big challenge here is to bundle, structure and maintain this data in order to fully exploit the potential associated with it - namely to generate sales. More and more companies are therefore relying on a CRM system. We reveal what requirements they place on such customer relationship management systems and what SAP has to offer in this regard.
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One data platform for all cases: What modern data warehouses like SAP Datasphere or Microsoft Fabric can do

28. 02. 2024
#Data Warehouse
#Microsoft Fabric
#Modern data platforms
#SAP Datasphere
We humans have always been collectors and have hoarded quite a few things over the past millennia. The most important collector's item with the greatest increase in value today? Data! Because without it, nothing works in an economic context. However, many companies are in danger of drowning in the data jungle and are not only wondering how they can keep track of everything, but also how they can filter out the information that will help the company move forward from the mass of data. The solution: data warehouses and modern data platforms. We have summarized what this is all about.
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From SAP consultancy to digital sparring partner: We invest in our project and process management

14. 02. 2024
#Change Management
#Process management
#Process manager
#Project management
#Project manager
#SAP process management
#SAP Process Manager
#SAP project management
#SAP Project Manager
"Get agile or go down tryin'". What reads like the title of a new rap album is the motto of our time. Because if you want to continue to exist as a company, you have to be agile and remain flexible. In other words, welcome, allow and manage change. And for this to succeed, it is essential to take a more holistic view of projects, to analyze processes, but also to say goodbye to old ways of thinking and to explore potential conflicts. The topic of the hour is therefore: project and process management, including change management. And for this reason, we have also been dealing with this for a long time.
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Going abroad for a job: an interview with two scc employees who took the leap to Switzerland

31. 01. 2024
#branch office switzerland
#sap company switzerland
#scc pioneers
#scc switzerland
A few months ago, we expanded our professional playing field with a new branch - in Switzerland. In line with the growth in employees and their local knowledge, skills and experience, SAP also appointed us as an official partner there a few months ago. And: we were not only able to recruit new local employees, but also draw on experienced ones. On those who dared to emigrate and are willing to actively help build up a new location. And we asked two of these scc pioneers for an interview.
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