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SAP partnership now also in Switzerland – another milestone in our vision

22. 08. 2023
After an elaborate, intensive qualification process, SAP has now named us an official partner in Switzerland as well. This is not only an important milestone in our company's development, but also of great significance for our customers and our employees in all branches.
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With SAP IBP to the Single Source of Truth: Central Planning Solution for Greiner Packaging International

08. 08. 2023
Greiner Packaging International GmbH was looking for a tool to support its diverse planning challenges - in combination with a competent partner for processing. The declared goal: to make Sales & Operations Planning more efficient and to raise it to a higher level. And these aspirations fit the product SAP IBP as well as us at scc.
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Why we have broadened our Analytics portfolio: Microsoft Analytics new in the portfolio

25. 07. 2023
Where the SAP solution world has dominated until now, a second provider is now joining in: Microsoft Analytics is the name of the new product in scc's analytics portfolio. The reason for this is simple - we want to offer our customers a broader range of options. In this blog post, we explain the differences between the solution worlds of SAP and Microsoft.
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SAP’s path to the cloud

13. 07. 2023
More and more SAP solutions are "migrating to the cloud". In the meantime, SAP cloud solutions have already established themselves in all relevant business areas. And even if these developments are viewed skeptically by some companies, they offer numerous advantages for us and our customers. Reason enough to take a closer look at cloud solutions in general and those from SAP in particular.
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