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About us

A partner for
your future

Our history makes our future. For 25 years, we have been working to become the very best partner for you.
Since 1997, we have been focusing on two things: the solutions for our customers and the people whose expertise keeps us moving forward.
Over 300 experts make scc the leading SAP consulting company in Austria. At seven locations in Graz, Linz, Vienna, Zurich and Bucharest.
The opportunities ahead of us are perhaps most exciting of all. There is so much potential in business software – and SAP in particular – and we want to harness it all for our customers in Austria and elsewhere.
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Our strengths

All employees at scc are embedded in our open, respectful and cheerful company culture. Solidarity and individual responsibility are particularly valued here.
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“Top performance comes from those who feel at home.”
No progress without people. That’s why we are convinced it is not only important to be SAP experts and understand the business; we must also foster the strengths of the other party with interpersonal understanding and work together for a better future based on a long-term perspective.

A great way for everyone.

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Responsibility for the planet

We think about tomorrow, and we are aware of our responsibility for our environment, our planet and our fellow humans: That’s why we set high standards in terms of sustainability as well, and we always consider our environment in the pursuit of business goals.
The digitalization of our workplace contributes to a reduction in commuting and business travel. Car-sharing models or alternative drive types for company cars are additional ways in which scc actively promotes sustainability as a company.
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Equal treatment across the board

We aren’t indifferent to who we have on the team. Quite the contrary. On the other hand, we are indifferent to things like gender identity, skin color, religion and the like. We are an equal opportunity employer, and we are committed to equal opportunities for all people in every other respect as well.

Being a force for good

We are not superheroes. And we don’t want to be. But we do stand up for what we believe in. We do business with a purpose, and if it doesn’t make the world a little bit better, then it’s not for us.