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We are your guide when it comes to creating an effective and flexible solution for your modern business using the SAP toolkit. We rely above all on inspiring collaboration to get through the often long and complex projects. Because we know: Even in the digital world, people are the most important success factor.
Building your<br>SAP solution

Building your
SAP solution

We take a comprehensive approach
to your solution from the very start.
Growing your<br>
SAP solution

Growing your

SAP solution

With individual support and continuous development and improvement,
your solution will grow along with your business.
Evolving your<br>
SAP solution

Evolving your

SAP solution

We help you take the leap into the future of SAP.

Who we are

SAP insiders
We have expertise and experience from more than 1,000 projects as well as profound insights into future developments in the field of SAP.
Business gurus
We have detailed knowledge of processes from more than 25 industries. With each new project, we dive into the specific business world.
People experts
We are a team of more than 300 consultants, gaining new experience with customers every day since 1997.
Reliable partners
For over 25 years, we have been developing long-term business relationships and shared solutions.

By people, for people.

The secret to amazing solutions is amazing people.

Insights, stories & news

SAP for buyers: How Ariba supports you in purchasing and procurement processes

23. 01. 2024
#sap business network
#sap buying process
#sap for buyers
In 1996, a company was founded that was to significantly influence and change the retail industry. We are talking about Ariba. And just a few years later, the associated Ariba Network saw the light of day - an extremely forward-looking concept. Today, Ariba still plays an important role in a company's purchasing and procurement processes. So let's take a closer look at all this.
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New year, new trends:
What we can expect in 2024

11. 01. 2024
As the old year draws to a close, the new one is already in the starting blocks. And with it, exciting developments, trends and innovations will once again find their way into the market. The question is therefore: What can scc and our customers expect in 2024? Which tendencies will take hold? And which trends will prevail? Under the motto "New year, new trends", we venture an outlook for 2024 - and thus a forecast for the near future.
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SAP and sustainability: About the EU taxonomy and why sustainability does not stop at SAP systems

11. 01. 2024
The term "sustainability" is on everyone's lips. And the order of the day is therefore: act sustainably - also as a company. The EU has also established regulations - one of which is the EU taxonomy. And this requires modern ERP systems such as SAP that take this development into account. We reveal exactly what this is all about and how SAP is taking sustainability into account.
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Why we have broadened our Analytics portfolio: Microsoft Analytics new in the portfolio

25. 07. 2023
Where the SAP solution world has dominated until now, a second provider is now joining in: Microsoft Analytics is the name of the new product in scc's analytics portfolio. The reason for this is simple - we want to offer our customers a broader range of options. In this blog post, we explain the differences between the solution worlds of SAP and Microsoft.
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S/4HANA - An inevitable changeover or a great opportunity?

29. 06. 2023
With SAP S/4HANA, the digital future is just around the corner. We see the implementation of the new generation for every company as a great opportunity to question and modernize existing systems. And of course we are happy to support you in this.
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