1 year #move: Our training initiative is growing and thriving and breaking down outdated structures

Move yourself and make a holistic difference. In other words, tackle things, face new challenges, develop your own abilities and your own self. And in doing so, develop the whole of scc. All of this is the focus of our internal training program, whose name sums it up: #move. This not only equips our employees with essential tools and skills, but also ensures that we all keep our finger on the pulse. The official go-ahead for this project, which was initiated by the scc Executive Board, was given in January 2023. Our goal at the time was to create a structured, accurate and high-quality training program.

Today, almost a year later, it is time for an initial summary, but also for a brief outlook on topics that will increasingly occupy us in the future.

#move: Our training program in a nutshell

Further training that is paid for by the company and offered during working hours is extremely important. Not only to help employees – and therefore the entire team – progress, but also to motivate them and literally give them wings and to strengthen cohesion and loyalty. For us, the topic of “further training” therefore has a very positive connotation – we encourage, challenge and optimize and work every day to create a positive corporate culture that is open to new ideas. When it comes to speakers who support the #move initiative, we are always happy when scc employees decide to take on the role of trainer. And where necessary, we make use of external trainers. What also sets #move apart is the following:

  • Variety of topics: There are now a number of different courses to choose from – from SAP topics to social skills, which are handled via an e-learning platform.
  • Open to requests: We try to accommodate every training request. All that is required is consultation with the relevant manager.
  • Appreciative exchange: All our courses focus on exchange. We don’t believe in rigid frontal lectures that don’t allow any discussion or dynamics to emerge, but #move is practical, interactive and agile.

1 year of #move: facts and figures

Almost a year has now passed since the launch. So the question is: How satisfied are people with the #move initiative at scc? And how many training sessions have been completed? Let the figures speak for themselves:

1 year #move
86 Trainers
86 % satisfaction (based on anonymous, internal questionnaires)
75 % of all courses remote
Over 500 courses available on industry-specific topics
Over 130 certified e-learning courses on soft skills available

Wolfgang Puscha im Office in der Wambachergasse.
Training and further education have always been an important part of life as a consultant at scc.

#move breaks down old structures

"You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs," as the saying goes. Or applied to #move: where there is a lot of movement, weak points also come to light more quickly. However, this is by no means a negative thing for us - on the contrary: it gives us the opportunity to sharpen up. This is why we have been holding periodic meetings to assess the status quo since the very beginning. Central to this are questions such as: Are we getting all our employees on board with #move? Is our approach fit for purpose? Are we using the right tools? And where are there still deficits? At the moment, we still see challenges - and therefore calls for action on our part - in terms of the variety of topics, the availability of speakers and some structures that may still need to be broken up. Because one thing is clear: #move also moves a lot internally. And that's a good thing.

Future focus topics

The #move project will therefore continue to be managed in an agile manner - there is no other way. After all, the big topic of SAP, the market and our customers are in a constant state of flux. And this means that we at scc also need to demonstrate a certain degree of flexibility in order to be able to react quickly and easily to new challenges. For example, when new products are added or when we gain new colleagues. Two key areas that will become even more important in the future are as follows:

SAP and
the cloud:
Cloud solutions are becoming increasingly important - and the corresponding expertise is indispensable. This topic - with all its facets such as sustainability, AI and digitalization - will therefore become an even greater focus in 2024.
This requires the right advice - and this has been moving more and more in the direction of a holistic business consultant for years. What is needed are consultants who know the industry and do not simply present a tool, but accompany a company through all processes and create awareness. It is therefore essential to inspire the next generation for this job and to promote talent.

The current #move project manager summarizes the team's development and feedback:

Further training at scc has never been as structured as it is now and every request for further training is met with appreciation. You can do (almost) anything you want to do here. This is not just something that is 'said', but something that is actually practiced at scc.
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