Success story

Creation of a unified system
landscape for three hospitals

Kepler University Clinic

Linz (AUT)

The Kepler University Clinic (KUK) was created in 2015 from the merger of three renowned hospitals plus the establishment of a medical department in Linz. To link the reporting systems of the individual hospitals and create a unified system landscape, a new and optimized reporting system was introduced.


The implementation of a comprehensive IT migration project to support the merging of the hospitals and enable the introduction of a unified system landscape.

  • Introduction of a unified and technically optimized system landscape for all participating hospitals
  • Enabling of a forward-looking reporting system based on coordinated and documented figures from the areas of accounting, medicine, HR and care
  • Preparation of the existing business warehouse (BW) system



Key Benefits des KUK Reportings


Design of a new KUK reporting system

A group of subject matter experts worked together with scc to develop the new KUK reporting concept. They relied on a new approach based on information design by Hichert, supported by certified IBCS advisor Bernhard Puscha. The focus lay on preparing the business management content in a way that could be understood in all parts of the company. All reports are prepared and displayed according to the KUK conventions, which are derived from the IBCS rules. This made the reports much more readable and easier to understand.

A system focused on users

The value and benefit of every IT-based solution depends heavily on the users. For this reason, training measures began already in parallel with the technical migration, preparing the specialized departments to make use of the new possibilities of the system.
Despite an unexpected increase in complexity, the project was successfully completed within the established parameters.

“The BI project was originally conceived as a purely technical migration. In the course of more detailed discussions between the various areas of finance, medicine and care, however, it became clear that the project scope had to be expanded considerably. This increased the complexity tremendously and posed new technical and procedural questions. The external assistance from scc was of great help, especially when making critical decisions and identifying sustainable solutions.”

Gabriela Neumaier, MMBA,
Head of Finance and Controlling, Kepler Universitätsklinikum GmbH, Linz