Success story

From two source systems to a shared SAP S/4HANA platform

OMV Neuseeland

Oil, gas & petrochemicals
Vienna (AUT) and Asia-Pacific

OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Austria and is also active in the Asian-Pacific region as OMV New Zealand. To simplify the SAP landscape of OMV New Zealand and to create a single shared platform instead of two source systems, the company decided to merge the two separate systems into one based on the platform SAP S/4HANA. scc focused here on the area of financials.


The existence of different systems resulted from a large acquisition in 2018, and the customer wished to migrate them to a single platform.

  • Merging of the systems P14 ECC 6.0 and P19 SAP S/4HANA into a shared SAP S/4HANA platform
  • Implementation of the migration for the sub-area of financials in the course of the overall migration


SAP Specifics

Key Benefits


Successful merger

Despite the high complexity of the task, which required tremendous expertise and flexibility on the part of the scc team, it was possible to merge both source systems into a shared SAP S/4HANA platform, thereby supporting the overall migration.

Completely remote implementation

The entire project was handled remotely since travel to New Zealand was not possible during the pandemic. Despite difficult conditions, such as the large time difference between Austria and New Zealand, the project was completed successfully. This was due in no small part to the many years of experience and the good collaboration between scc and OMV.
The area of finances handled by scc as part of the overall migration at OMV New Zealand was implemented within a period of just 9 months.