Data speaks louder than words: Modern Analytics helps you understand it

They are often compared to oil or gold – and rightly so: Data, for example from an SAP ERP system, is considered one of the most valuable resources today and thus THE raw material par excellence that could knock oil and gold off this throne. Companies can use the data they collect about customers, machines, processes, products, employees, etc. to optimize corporate management. However, data alone is not yet decisive for a company’s success. Only those who can analyze, process and read it correctly will benefit from it to the fullest extent.

How we find data, link it and let it tell stories

Our goal within the Line of Business (LoB) Analytics & Planning is not only to provide our customers with an analysis or reporting tool, but also to enable them to grow and develop their business. The starting point for building a data world is always our customers’ business goals. And to achieve them, we use all available – often even fallow – data, artificial intelligence and our know-how. All components together provide you with comprehensible and understandable insights that are decisive for the management of your company.

How can we support you on the way to achieving your business goals?

BI strategy-
We start with a holistic strategy in which we get to know your company and your goals and define the joint path. Our focus is on providing you with precisely the information you really need in the form of comprehensible, informative reports. The definition of a uniform data basis (data warehouse, data fabric) is the cornerstone for success. If required, we also define the appropriate tool solution for you in the course of the BI (= Business Intelligence) strategy. Be it SAP, Microsoft or other technologies!
KPI strategy
Based on the BI strategy and the existing data, we can define the relevant key figures that the dashboard should hold for you. Together with you, we develop the relevant key figures so that your business can make the leap into the future. In addition, professional KPI management makes a fundamental contribution to preventing misinterpretations and thus achieving the greatest possible effectiveness.
Which planning scenarios are relevant for your company? We support you with our cross-industry experience in the various planning scenarios. No matter whether sales planning, cost center planning, personnel planning or all together. The goal is to develop an integrated corporate planning and control.
The information presentation should be structured in a uniform and standardized manner, as well as comply with the desired layouts and guidelines. No matter which method of business communication you choose, we can prepare your data accordingly. You will receive a Data Catalogue from us, which contains all the key figures and their descriptions that we have defined for your data solution.We support you in setting up a uniform, standardized information presentation. Be it IBCS or Hichert - we speak your language.
Storytelling &
And finally, it's about letting your data have its say. We not only design visually appealing and functional dashboards, but also put the user experience in the foreground. In joint Design-Thinking Workshops, the basis for the dashboards is defined and subsequently implemented by us in such a way that you can read out the necessary information from the data visible in the dashboard within the shortest possible time. Let our dashboards inform, entertain and tell stories.
It is hard to imagine a BI strategy without the advantages of Microsoft products. Even though SAP is our core business, we know the strengths of Microsoft products and know how to combine and use them. Whether Big Data, Self Service BI, Augmented Analytics, dashboarding or management reporting: We help you help you to extract information and conclusions from your data.

Data Science with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine learning has been on everyone's lips for a few years now. And it is above all companies that can benefit most from it in order to better understand their customers and employees, to optimize business processes, or even to increase sales. The possibilities are manifold, the goals of our customers individual and specific. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are on the rise and will continue to be so in the coming years. The opportunities that this offers are enormous. Machine learning means nothing less than that machines collect a great deal of valuable data using various programs. Subsequently, patterns can be identified that lead to forward-looking forecasts for your company. Using artificial intelligence in the right way can therefore mean enormous profit for companies. Using the following use cases, we would like to demonstrate the revolutionary feats that artificial intelligence can already perform for us today:

Let's assume you sell your company's products via an online store. Thanks to AI, you can define the months with the highest sales with little effort and consider which measures you could use to optimize sales in the remaining months. The goal here is to increase sales and thus the company's profit on a data-based basis and in the long term.
Do you have production machines in your company that regularly break down due to short-term error messages and thus cause downtime? Machine learning enables you to predict maintenance cycles so that maintenance can be scheduled in advance. This not only saves you revenue losses caused by machine downtime, but also gives you the opportunity to create provisions for maintenance work in good time.
A waste disposal company wants to optimize the routes of its vehicles to save fuel. Thanks to GPS data that these vehicles provide over longer periods of time on their routes, these optimizations can be made.
The most important asset of a company is motivated, reliable and happy employees. With artificial intelligence, you can detect signs at an early stage that indicate that someone wants to leave the company. Using data from the past, which focuses on new hires and departures, similarities to existing employees are identified and conclusions are drawn about the possible duration of the employment relationship.

Clemens Stadler, LoB Manager Analytics & Planning

"Innovative ERP systems such as SAP S/4HANA, cloud solutions, machine learning & AI, for example, present new challenges for the Analytics division, but also open up new opportunities. Modern technologies allow us to focus more than ever on the user, so that our customers can focus on their core business. Modern reporting and fully integrated planning enable our customers to get the insights and knowledge they need for business success, growth and strategic business management at any time."
The value of data will continue to increase in the near future as a result of ongoing digitization and revolutionary developments through AI. At this point, we can only guess what forecasts and insights they will provide companies with in a few years. But we can guarantee one thing: We are open to any change and are always happy to master new challenges in the field of data analysis for our customers. If you also need support in collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting your data, please feel free to contact us!
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