#move: Curtain up for our new training program

At scc, we have always been keen to equip our employees with the necessary skills and tools to meet the demands of our fast-paced world. Technologies are developing inexorably, working methods are changing, and so are customer needs. The aim is to keep a finger on the pulse of the times. Training that is paid for by the company and offered during working hours is an important measure for motivating employees and strengthening loyalty to a company. In addition, individual development and the acquisition of professional and personal skills are enormously important for the employees themselves. And they are also very much wanted, as we have been pleased to discover in the first few months since the introduction of #move.

The most important facts about #move

The start of the year marked the launch of #move at scc. As the name suggests, we want to give all employees the opportunity to move forward – professionally and personally. To move something and to move themselves (not physically, but metaphorically 😉). Since January 2023, employees have been able to choose their individual training measures from more than 500 courses (and the trend is rising). From SAP courses (e.g., Ariba, S/4HANA, etc.) to project management skills to interpersonal skills, the current, constantly growing offering ranges. And should an employee not find a suitable course, we are always open to suggestions and ideas and expand the general course program accordingly. By the way: #move was initiated by the board of scc!

#move in the first 3 months:

  • 199 training days
  • 148 participants
  • 17 certifications
  • 95 % satisfaction (based on anonymous, internal feedback forms)

Feedback is essential!

Each training course is subsequently evaluated by means of anonymous questionnaires. Feedback from employees is particularly important to us so that we can adapt our program if necessary. We are also pleased when employees return to their daily work satisfied and motivated from a training course.
"Very good training"
"Good mix of lecture, customizing and exercises."
"Performed in a very professional, personable and understandable manner."
"Very productive meeting - also due to the different participants with different perspectives and experiences on the topic."
"Great - keep it up 😉"
"Pleasant atmosphere, easy-going collaboration, disciplined communication (pointing, no interrupting, etc.)"
One of our colleagues, Samir Touati, has already experienced both sides of #move, that of the trainer and that of the trainee. That's why we asked him what makes #move so special for him:

Samir Touati, Consultant Procurement & Logistics

"#move is about continuous knowledge building, but not in the form of rigid self-study, but in a collaborative framework. The main topics are worked on in a very practical way, so that you learn not only from the trainer, but also from your colleagues! I particularly like the fact that there is no fear of contact within the sessions - everyone is happy to share their experiences from other projects and so new discussions are always generated that help us all move forward. In addition, #move offers all colleagues at scc a platform to exchange ideas and develop together - and all this with the typical scc glee!"
#move can be used by all scc employees without restriction. There is no limit to the number of hours spent or the budget - all training courses that can be carried out as part of the normal working day and are approved by the respective manager can be attended. It doesn't matter if you've been a part of scc for a few years or maybe just joined our great team as a newbie. Speaking of newbie: We are always looking for productive minds, courageous personalities and motivated colleagues.

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