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To ascend, to rise, to grow. That’s what the verb “rise” means. And that is also what SAP’s comprehensive “RISE with SAP” offering is all about. The name says it all. With this package, you can take your own business management software to the next level. And into the cloud. A development step that more and more companies are taking. But what exactly is “RISE with SAP”, what advantages does it offer and what does the SAP world have to do with a jungle? We explain.

What is “RISE with SAP”?
10 focal points at a glance

First of all, the basic question arises: What is “RISE with SAP”? In short, it is a package from SAP that now also includes system operation and some services. And all of this in the cloud and for rent. The S/4HANA cloud is therefore just one piece of this comprehensive package. Or to put it another way: “RISE with SAP” is a full-service offering that makes the transition to the cloud as easy as possible for companies and supports them throughout the entire transformation to a smart company. The software manufacturer SAP is now a cloud service provider – and this brings many advantages for potential customers. We have summarized the 10 most important key points:

At the top of the list is the cloud. This is because "RISE with SAP" offers companies the opportunity to take the plunge and transfer their company data and applications to the cloud. This is also where many of the innovative applications are located, which are constantly being expanded.
Our world, society, the market - everything is in a constant state of change. In order to remain competitive, our own business software must not lag behind. SAP is therefore characterized by a high degree of agility and, with "RISE with SAP", has created a product that can react quickly to changes. This means that customers are always up to date with the latest releases, adaptations can be minimized or even avoided altogether and the wealth of cloud-compliant enhancements means that efficient working will also be possible in the future.
Data is the new gold - but its true value only becomes apparent when it can be read transparently and interpreted profitably. And this is where "RISE with SAP" offers immediate insights into essential performance indicators, allowing projects to be accelerated and forward-looking forecasts to be made. All of this adds up to greater efficiency and the cost transparency that is so important today.
Supply chain
Binderholz has several large international locations. We support the Austrian solid wood manufacturer primarily in ongoing SAP operations in the area of finance - primarily in Finland.
Finding, training and retaining employees is currently one of the biggest challenges for many companies. And that is why "RISE with SAP" also focuses on this. It not only uses modern tools in the area of employer branding, but also AI innovations and assistants that enable employees to find their way around processes more quickly without having to dive deep into the subject matter. The onboarding process also benefits from this.
Whether it's the Supply Chain Duty of Care Act, the company's own CO2 footprint or other laws that are being enforced by the EU - the fact is that today it's no longer just about bringing excellent products to market, but also about taking responsibility as a company. RISE with SAP is always up to date in this respect too - with innovative enhancements and reports that take these developments into account.
Company data is sensitive - and therefore high security standards are the order of the day. SAP can boast numerous certifications and deals extensively with this topic. This means that your data is always protected and secure.
A major advantage of "RISE with SAP" is its flexibility. This not only refers to the fact that it is a rental model - in contrast to an on-premise solution - but that it can also be flexibly adapted to your own needs. Whether the user type is changed or more memory is required - all this can be done quickly. There are also two different deployment models available: the Private Edition and the Public Edition.
The topic of "artificial intelligence" is currently on everyone's lips - and has come to stay in many places. The manufacturer SAP is also responding to this and including innovative approaches in the "RISE with SAP" package, which will be successively expanded in the future.
Unlike on-premise models, SAP now also guarantees its customers support in the form of various services. Depending on the package, this can vary in scope.

Explore all options with our roadmap consulting

But is it worthwhile for me as an entrepreneur to rely on "RISE with SAP"? Should I really put my sensitive financial data or asset accounting in the cloud? Isn't that too insecure or too big an investment? Won't that make me too dependent on one provider? And when would be the best time to transfer my data to the cloud? Questions like these and many more are on the minds of many company bosses. And finding answers to these questions and designing solutions together - that's exactly what we do. And one thing in advance: there are not only many roads to Rome, but also many ways to move to the cloud. And for some - and this should also be said at this point - it is actually not worth taking this step, or not yet. For example, because it is not or not yet economically viable. For others, however, switching from the old on-premise world to the cloud universe can be extremely lucrative.

We explore all of this together. With our roadmap consulting. We don't just look at the size of the company, but take a comprehensive view of the business case - from the right time to good planning.

Which solution should it be and how do I get there - these are the most important questions.After all, there is not just one way for customers to find the optimal business software; the paths are complex.And that is precisely why we are here: we guide customers through the jungle of the SAP world, look together at what the customer wants to achieve and where the pain points are, and design the right path.

First-hand information:
Our series of events

To complement this, we have launched a series of events. The focus here is also on change. For example, from SAP ECC directly to "RISE with SAP". And the transformation process will also be highlighted - whether greenfield or brownfield approach. We will focus on the following three main areas: We address the strategic orientation of a company, i.e. where does a company want to go and what are the requirements? Secondly, we incorporate commercial considerations and bring the topic of innovation into play.

The whole thing is not a switch that you flip and then everything is done in a few weeks. No, this is about serious changes that affect the company. That's why three things are particularly important: planning, planning, planning in order to survive in this wild ecosystem. We are trying to carefully question the tried and tested, take away the uncertainty of the new and the change and provide customers with the best possible support. That is our aspiration for this RISE event series.
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