5 reasons why SAP is the right ERP solution for SMEs

80 percent of all SAP customers are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). And not without reason: in today’s digital business world, small and medium-sized enterprises rely on efficient IT solutions to remain competitive and grow. SAP cloud solutions can provide ideal support for both projects. In our blog post, we have collected 5 reasons why SAP is the ideal ERP solution for SMEs.

1. Scalability

Have you heard that SAP is only suitable for large companies and corporations? This is a misconception that persists in some industries. In fact, SAP offers a wide range of products and solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of SMEs. These solutions are scalable, which means they can keep pace with the growth of your business. You can start with a basic SAP solution and then expand it as needed without having to rebuild the entire IT infrastructure. In addition, SAP cloud solutions can be customized for new markets, models, languages, currencies and more. We can use modules to adapt your new SAP solution to your industry and your existing IT landscape. Nothing stands in the way of growth - at least from an IT perspective.

2. Integration of all relevant business processesrnehmensprozesse

SAP offers an integrated platform that enables SMEs to seamlessly manage various business processes such as finance, logistics, warehouse management, human resources and much more. Data no longer needs to be transferred manually between different systems, which significantly increases efficiency while saving time and reducing errors. If data reconciliation or integration of non-SAP solutions into SAP is necessary, this can be easily accomplished with BTP. The BTP (= Business Technology Platform) is a platform with which applications can be created, integrated and managed. In addition, data and business processes can be linked - even if the company is still using a classic on-premise system. SAP is therefore the perfect interface between your company, employees, customers and suppliers.

3. Data analyses as a basis for corporate decisions

SMEs face the challenge of processing large volumes of data and interpreting it correctly in order to make informed business decisions. SAP offers powerful analysis tools for the collection and interpretation of data, which is then converted into meaningful reports and dashboards. This makes it possible to identify trends, improve business processes and continuously adapt to current market conditions.

4. Cost reduction through cloud options

SAP offers cloud solutions that are extremely attractive for SMEs. By using the cloud, SMEs can reduce their IT costs and at the same time access the latest software versions and updates without having to invest in expensive hardware. The cloud-based solutions make SAP more flexible and affordable for small and medium-sized companies, as there are no high investment costs for an in-house IT infrastructure. Customers can also react flexibly to licensing thanks to the cloud solutions. For the first time, SAP can handle not only license extensions but also license reductions.

5. Short introduction time in the company

Your employees do not need any prior knowledge or technical expertise to use SAP. The user interfaces are intuitive and we will provide your team with intensive training in the form of workshops. When setting up your new ERP system, we at scc make sure that everything is designed in such a way that it meets the requirements of your SME and at the same time is as easy as possible for employees to use and makes their day-to-day work easier. In line with the well-known quote "Change is difficult at the beginning, chaotic in the middle and wonderful at the end", our aim when implementing SAP in your SME is to keep the first two phases as short as possible and to transition your team to the final phase as soon as possible 😉

Ultimately, all of these benefits mean that SAP can give small businesses and SMEs a competitive advantage. With SAP, SMEs are able to work more efficiently and cost-effectively, respond to growth or other changing business processes and make good, data-driven decisions. The integration of business processes, the ability to analyze data and the flexibility of cloud options make SAP the ideal choice. If you are planning to switch to SAP to stay competitive with your small or medium-sized business, we are happy to support you!
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