SAP partnership now also in Switzerland – another milestone in our vision

Finally, the time has come. After an extensive, intensive qualification process, SAP has now named us an official partner in Switzerland as well. This is not only an important milestone in our company’s development, but also of great significance for our customers and our employees in all offices. Because our office in Zurich will not only be set up by our colleagues from Switzerland in the future, but also represents a great opportunity for our employees from Austria – for a new professional and private adventure.

What does an SAP partnership mean?

With our accreditation as an SAP partner, we can now support our customers in Switzerland with our SAP solutions even more effectively and also across borders. Through our own partner platform, we receive exclusive information about product developments, excellent support, demo versions and training. In addition, thanks to the SAP partnership, we now also enjoy the decisive advantage in Switzerland of being able, as scc alone and without cooperations, to respond to public tenders from companies for SAP implementations.

Why the path went to Switzerland - a look back

The step to establish an scc branch in Switzerland was a very conscious decision for us. The SAP market there is twice as large as in Austria, and in addition, many large, important companies have their headquarters in Switzerland - including companies that we have been successfully supporting in Austria for many years, such as energy providers or industrial companies. A personal and thus social affinity with our neighbors also played a major role in this strategic decision. With Georg Berner, who has many years of experience in the SAP world and a large network in Switzerland, we were finally able to ideally fill the position of managing director for the Zurich branch. The official opening of the branch office then took place in spring 2022.
As an official SAP partner in Switzerland, we have the opportunity to respond even better to our customers and develop the ideal solution for their business. We look forward to the opportunities that will arise from this partnership.

What our vision for the Zurich office looks like - an outlook

For us, it was clear from the beginning that we would also support our Swiss colleagues with our know-how and years of experience. In this way, we also guarantee a great deal of knowledge, skill and experience in Switzerland right from the start of the project, and thus a high standard of quality. And even though the cooperation across the distance between the two countries is already working excellently, a few of our Austrian employees will soon be emigrating to Switzerland to embark on a new professional and private adventure. We are happy to have such courageous and motivated employees in our team, who want to bring their expertise to Switzerland personally. We will welcome them with a warm "Grüezi" and support their start in their new home in the best possible way. At the turn of the year, we will be expanding our office space, and the newly created jobs will of course be filled with additional SAP experts as quickly as possible. We are looking forward to putting this vision into practice. And we will report on how our scc pioneers (as we like to call our emigrants) are doing in the new country in a few weeks 😉.
We are looking forward to welcoming our Austrian colleagues soon in Switzerland, who will not only support us with their know-how in serving our customers, but also help the locations grow even closer together!
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