The scc Awards: What our employees have in common with Hollywood stars

The Oscars in Los Angeles were already awarded in March, but we at scc only rolled out the red carpet for our employees at the beginning of May. And for a very specific reason: every spring, scc employees gather to celebrate their successful projects of the past year. In this festive setting, the great teams behind the projects are honored and awarded. And of course, this needs an appropriate setting: Champagne reception, red carpet, excellent food and a highly official awards ceremony were on the agenda at this year’s event on May 4. But let’s take it one step at a time …

What happened since the beginning of the year

The first two months of the year are the period in which projects can be submitted. This means that during these two months, every employee or project team has the opportunity to officially nominate a successful project from the previous year. Successful means that the project must have been completed by this time. Which projects are suitable for this is not precisely defined. This is because each team should be able to decide for itself whether their project is deemed suitable. In 2023, the jury was pleased to receive a total of twenty submissions. Speaking of the jury: Every year, the jury is individually selected from all areas of scc. Because it is important to us that each project is viewed from different perspectives.
Over the years, the scc awards have become one of our colleagues' favorite traditions!
The projects are then presented to the jury by the respective project team to give them a good insight as a basis for decision-making. Behind closed doors, it is finally defined which project is to be awarded with which cash or non-cash prizes. Everything is completely "top secret" - not even our board of directors knows before the event which project will be awarded and how much. This makes the wait for the big day all the more exciting for everyone involved.

May 4, 2023: An evening just for our employees

Finally, the time has come: When the red carpet is rolled out at the scc office in Vienna, catering is set up and the champagne is sparkling in the glasses, it can only mean one thing: The entire scc family is coming together for the award ceremony for successful projects. Project teams are brought on stage and can collect the well-deserved applause from their colleagues for the successful completion of their projects - and of course their award and prize.
Whether it is a methodical approach, new technologies and solutions or complex requirements of our customers, with the scc Award the entire potential of the scc family becomes visible every year anew.
After the award ceremony, there will be delicious food from the buffet and lots of good conversation among scc employees. Not only the award-winning project teams are invited to the event, but all employees of our locations in Austria and Switzerland. Every year, this provides us with a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues from other locations and to toast our successes together.
And what happens now with the prizes won?

The prizes serve as an impetus for team-building measures. What the teams do with the money they win is basically up to them - as long as it is used for a meaningful purpose together with their colleagues. Whether it's an excursion lasting several days or a joint experience such as rafting, bowling or similar is decided by the team. After all, the prizes have another very important benefit in addition to being a reward: Our employees use them to strengthen their teamwork and gain new motivation for upcoming projects. And perhaps also for taking part again next year 😊

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