SAP’s path to the cloud

More and more SAP solutions are “migrating to the cloud”. In the meantime, SAP cloud solutions have already established themselves in all relevant business areas – SAP is thus developing into a cloud company, one could say casually. And even if these developments are viewed skeptically by some companies, they offer numerous advantages for us and our customers. Reason enough to take a closer look at cloud solutions in general and those from SAP in particular, and to devote this and other follow-up articles to the topic in our blog.

Advantages of cloud solutions

What is so special about cloud solutions and why is the trend increasingly moving in this direction? We have summarized four key advantages of cloud solutions for companies:

1. Cost savings:
Cloud solutions eliminate the cost of in-house servers and any other initial investment in hardware and infrastructure.

2. Data security:
Most cloud service providers - including SAP - place great emphasis on data security and compliance with data protection regulations. A multi-level security concept can guarantee the highest cyber security standards.

3. Maintenance work is eliminated:
With cloud solutions, important areas such as maintenance and ensuring up-to-dateness are the responsibility of the provider. The provider must therefore take care of updates and maintenance work so that users can work with the latest solutions and functions.

4. Integration options:
SAP cloud services can be easily combined with each other, especially within the SAP solution world.

Cloud solutions from SAP in all business areas

While many discussions revolve around whether the core ERP system will move to the cloud (or has already arrived there), we believe that this is only part of the change in the SAP solution world. The intensive further development of the public cloud solution brings new possibilities to map further processes. Using Brownfield-Conversion, existing on-premise systems can be migrated to SAP's private cloud. Both approaches are interesting alternatives for many of our customers.

Beyond the core system, the use of SAP cloud solutions is already firmly established or even unavoidable in many business areas:

In purchasing, there is now almost no way around the ARIBA platform with its various functional characteristics. The performance of the ARIBA platform has already proven itself in numerous projects that we have implemented at scc.
The requirements in supply chain management with regard to forward planning, risk minimization and optimization are becoming increasingly complex, and IBP (= Integrated Business Planning) is being used more and more frequently in this context.
In addition to the comprehensive functions in S/4HANA, options in DM (= Digital Manufacturing, formerly also called DMC) are increasingly available for mapping production processes. With this relatively new solution, cloud solutions from SAP are also beginning to establish themselves in the production environment.
In the HR area, a cloud solution was offered very early on in the form of SuccessFactors. In the meantime, many of our customers have developed a co-existence between the functionalities of classic HCM (= Human Capital Management) and the use of SuccessFactors.
The changes in Analytics are also particularly interesting. The SAC (= SAP Analytics Cloud) is now the common solution in the front-end area for reporting and planning solutions. The extensive developments of the last few years have resulted in a very good and absolutely popular solution among our customers.
But also in the Analytics backend, the replacement of the classic Business Warehouse architectures by the now available cloud solutions from SAP is becoming more and more apparent. With the DWC (= Data Warehouse Cloud) and the SAP Datasphere, solutions are waiting in the wings that will lead to the comprehensive use of cloud solutions in this area in the near future.
The list of available cloud solutions in the SAP portfolio could be continued for a while, such as FSM (= Field Service Management) in service or customer experience solutions. We will present the individual SAP cloud solutions and their areas of application in detail in the next blog posts.

Find the right SAP cloud solution with scc

In our fast-moving world, which has never felt as dynamic as it does today, a company's requirements for its IT solutions are constantly changing. Flexible, agile and highly efficient systems are needed to master and continuously optimize daily business. And this is where we come in: We know the best SAP solution for your needs and challenges and help you implement it in your operations. But working with scc means much more than "just" getting an SAP cloud solution: We pass on the necessary know-how to your company, provide ongoing support in day-to-day operations and, as an SAP-certified partner company, are your first point of contact for any questions about working with SAP.
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