Why we have broadened our Analytics portfolio: Microsoft Analytics new in the portfolio

Where previously the SAP solution world dominated as an autocrat, a second provider has now joined in: Microsoft Analytics is the new product in scc’s analytics portfolio. The current market situation, the growing demand from existing and potential customers, and the increasing need that we have also noticed internally led us to take a closer look at Microsoft’s Analytics offering at the beginning of the year. Whether a product has potential for the scc portfolio is assessed in the course of a standardized process over several months. Factors such as necessary resources (time, financial, personnel) or competitors on the market play an important role in this process. After a four-month development process, the weighing of potentials and challenges, and intensive coordination between Microsoft and scc, it was clear to us: Our product portfolio in the analytics area will be expanded – in order to be able to offer our customers a broader spectrum of possibilities.

Advantages and areas of application of Microsoft Analytics

The previous focus on SAP Analytics products will be expanded to include Microsoft Analytics. However, this does not mean that SAP’s analytics products will not continue to be the perfect solution for many of our customers’ requirements and needs. This is exactly what we want to find out in the course of an analytics strategy. This involves taking a detailed look at the architecture in the company, assessing the current state and defining a target state. Based on these considerations, the tool that enables the most efficient path from the actual to the target state can be selected.


When specifically can it make sense to rely on Microsoft Analytics? We outline 3 different examples:

An intensive know-how for Microsoft products has been built up in the company over several years and therefore the operation of a Microsoft-based analytical environment is easier to consolidate and also the acceptance is increased.
The present architecture is there because the existing databases in Microsoft can be integrated more easily and cost-effectively, or because other factors such as the speed of integration, the possibility for live reports, and many more are in favor of it.
In a number of data science areas, the Microsoft landscape can be built quickly and inexpensively.

scc Mitarbeiter
"One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft is clearly the intuitive user experience: Power BI is located in the Office environment and is similar to familiar Office programs in terms of visual presentation and use. In addition, there are an incredible number of exciting analysis possibilities in the combination of SAP and Microsoft Azure Synapse."

Microsoft Analytics experts are sought

A new mainstay or an expanded product portfolio always goes hand in hand with the build-up of human resources - but of course this does not mean that competent Microsoft enthusiasts are not already found in the scc team. However, in light of targeted certifications (Power BI and data modeling in Azure Synapse) and a future solutions partnership with Microsoft, it is important to add one or two Microsoft analytics experts to our analytics team. A mix of hybrid employees, who bring both SAP and Analytics know-how and project experience, and bright minds specialized in Microsoft, make up the scc success team. If you find yourself there with your existing knowledge and experience, don't miss out on our open job opportunities:

We are looking for Microsoft Analytics consultants & Microsoft Analytics architects!

Your job at scc

Your first day usually starts at our headquarters in Vienna, so that we can hand out your technical equipment and all necessary work utensils. You will get to know your colleagues in Vienna and - after the organizational introduction - will be taken over by your business unit. From then on, the technical training phase begins. This can take place on-site or remotely - depending on whether your home/work location is compatible with the rest of the team 😉 It is enormously important to us that no job is tied to a specific location - whether you want to work from Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt, Linz or Switzerland makes no difference to us. We are looking for motivated people who work very autonomously. Of course, only after you have received all the necessary training and an intensive introductory phase from us. We won't throw you into the deep end completely unprepared - don't worry. But we leave it entirely up to you to plan and implement the project management and support of your customers - with all their needs and requirements.
SAP Implementierung von scc

Bernhard Puscha, Senior Analytics Consultant

"The special aspect of the job at scc is that we have the opportunity to work mainly with local customers in the German-speaking market. In addition, the interaction in the team is very relaxed and friendly - we hold together when necessary, and we also celebrate successes together. Praise and recognition for projects that work are a part of our culture. We are looking for colleagues who fit in with us: independent people who need little guidance, are self-organized, motivated and inquisitive, and have a passion for Microsoft Analytics."
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